magnetic springs drinking water

Bottled Water

Magnetic Springs offers 3 types of bottled water. Drinking Water, from a stringent purification and treatment process. Natural Spring Water which is filtered and ozonated. Steam Distilled Water, which removes impurities through boiling and condensing the steam. What type is right for you?

Coffee & Tea

We offer an array of delicious coffee brands that are bound to fit your tastes. From K-cup brands like Mother Parker's and New England brand coffee and teas to Tim Hortons, let us deliver it right to your home or office. How will you choose just one?

Equipment and supplies

Bottled Hot and Cold water coolers in white or black, inline filtration water coolers, crock and stand units, plus storage racks, cups and water softener salt are all part of the Magnetic Springs family of products.

Delivery & Installation

Place your order and we will delivery everything according to your set schedule and set up your equipment. Your only job is to drink and enjoy!