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Distilled water is perfect for many uses throughout your home and office

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Everyday applications – Distilled water is often favored for use in steam irons for pressing clothing since it can increase the iron’s durability by reducing iron build-up.  It is also preferred for use in vehicle cooling systems – the minerals and ions in tap water can corrode the internal engine parts. Distilled water can be used to top off your car lead acid battery.

Cleaning – Distilled water can also be used as a good cleaning product for wiping down the screen of your computer monitor or flat screen television. You don’t want to leave marks on your nice Plasma TV, and distilled water can clean it perfectly without leaving a trace!

Cooking – The kitchen may be the place where distilled water is most often used. It is used in cooking to improve the taste of many different kinds of food. Enhancing the natural flavor of certain foods, distilled water makes the taste of your favorite spices and herbs more explicit in soups, pasta dishes, and more.

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