Coffee & Tea

Coffee & Tea

We offer the perfect solution to your home and office coffee and tea needs.

We can supply you with the finest gourmet coffee and teas to accommodate every palate in your group. Whether you are just looking for the perfect brew for just you and your family or you have a whole office of different needs we have what you need. We can also supply you with a complete line of coffee brewers, tea dispensers and all of your coffee and tea needs.

girl holding coffee cup

Coffee Brands offered by Magnetic Springs

  • Martinson
  • Marley
  • New England



Tea Brands offered by Magnetic Springs

  • Bigelow
  • Higgins & Burke
  • Lipton




EASY SHOPPING: Our checkout process is simple. You will be guided step by step through our product options in water filtration, as well as, equipment and accessories, coffee, tea and our other drinking water if you choose.