Cost effective

Cost Effective

Why choosing bottled water and coffee delivery benefits your bottom line

Safe, clean and refreshing drinking water on a budget

AFFORDABLE. For around a $1 a day, safe, clean, refreshing bottled water with all the necessary supplies and equipment will be delivered to your door.

REDUCE THE WATER BILL. Your friends, family members, customers and employees will have an unlimited supply of safe, healthy and clean water at all times, which reduces the amount of water used from the tap.

UNLIMITED SUPPLIES. You don't have to be responsible for keeping drinking water and supplies in stock yourself, which reduces office expenses and time wasted having employees and family members travel to the grocery as it is needed. Magnetic Springs will work with you to accurately determine the right amount of water for your staff and family at a price that fits your budget.

DISPENSING THE GOODS. Our affordable and convenient hot/cold dispensers, good for a variety of uses from beverages to cooking, make delivery far more cost effective than buying bottled water at the store, using microwaves and kitchen appliances when your lunch or breakfast requires hot or cold water. Also, no need to find room for your store bought gallon bottles in the fridge.

TIME IS MONEY. The benefits of time saved by having our delicious drinking water, coffee and teas, equipment and supplies delivered at affordable pricing makes choosing Magnetic Springs for your home or office in the Columbus and Cleveland areas the right choice. Once you experience the difference of our select water, you'll wonder why you didn't try it sooner.